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Reconnect To Your Life's Purpose


GangaDev here from True Life Coaching

I am dedicated to assisting you to break through conscious and unconscious blocks and limiting self beliefs. Become clear around your life choices, discover, truth, beauty and peacefulness within. Where YOU create a life filled with abundance in all its forms.


In such, creating…Your Life on Purpose. 

It is such a beautiful experience to participate in!


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Passionate Life Results Coach

I have been working in the field of personal development, spirituality and vibrational healing for most of my adult life. Recently I specialised in sound as a personal development/spiritual practice (Nāda Yoga) and trained as an Internationally certified Life Results Coach.
I specialise in helping people identify and achieve personal goals, those that align with their true core values. Developing your resilience in coping with the issues that are causing you stress, anxiety and disharmony. I take great pride in your progress and success as my client. I look forward to helping YOU.

Please drop me a message here to learn more.

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Pathways to Peace


In these incredible times of uncertainty and stress I am often consulted by clients, friends and acquaintances who have reached a point in life, irrespective of age, where the career path they have been pursuing no longer fulfils them or truly serves their passion in life.

COVID has forced many to work from home and this has enabled some to realise there is much more in life than the old paradigm of being treated as a number rather than a real person and many things appear more important now than ever before. Career changes even in more predictable times are often a challenging stressor in life. Your career choice, significantly, is one of the major keys to being happier, healthier and living a fulfilling abundant life, creating a pathway to peace, your inner peace.

My commitment to you is to rediscover who you truly are and to share tools and techniques YOU require in order to achieve a harmonious, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, one that is aligned with your core values, life drivers and needs.

Enjoying a career path in alignment with who you be and what you value will bring about a measurable reduction in stress and stress related issues and unhelpful methods of coping. This will bring more clarity and happiness within.


Happy Family


Happiness is a choice we all make. Waking up to the smiles and sounds of laughter and feeling the love of your family and that of significant others is your Birth Right.

I specialise in guiding and inspiring you to be the best possible version of yourself that you can be, to create the most fulfilling relationship you can have, with the most important person you know on Planet Earth ...You!...yes that's right...YOU!!

By having a complete loving relationship with yourself, forgiving yourself for any errors and choices from the past, understanding and changing negative self talk and programmed patterns of behaviour, enables you to then create loving, fulfilling, harmonious relationships with the people and the situations that are significant in your life.

This newly realised self love, brings to fruition self confidence and self belief benefitting all relationships in all walks of life. Creating for you a "Life On Purpose" and another pathway to peace.

Are you ready? Then let's do it NOW!



I offer a NO OBLIGATION & FREE Discovery session for all new clients as we search together to identify the areas in your life that may be causing ANGER or DISCOMFORT, ANXIETY and STRESS or perhaps DEPRESSION and feelings of DISCONNECTION.

This service has proven a favourite among many clients, as it is often identifies and provides a major key to being happier and living a more peaceful, balanced and healthier life. Right there in our first session together!

And you get to take that with you for is my GIFT TO YOU!

My role is to discover, explain and help you to practice and master tools and methods to achieve a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle, to bring you Results in Life and HELP you create Your Life On Purpose.

After completing a few sessions together, you will become accomplished at handling any issue, wherever and whenever they arise.

So let's book your FREE Discovery session Right Now!

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Carrington St., Adelaide, South Australia


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“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear”

Mark Twain

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