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Hey There!  

I'm GangaDev (pronounced as one word)

or you can call me John if that is easier for you (:


I am a Results Life Coach, Body worker, Energy healer, Sacred Musician, Nāda Yoga (mantra & chant) teacher, Public Speaker and Spiritual mentor.

Facilitator of Kirtan, Meditation and Vedic chanting groups and communities, both in person and online.

I am a WayShow-er. 

Ok? So what exactly is that you ask? Let me explain;       

Way (spiritual); is the eternal substrate of the Cosmos.

Also known as the Will of God, the muse, the Holy Spirit, Divine Order, the Tao, implicate order or Grace.  

Show-er; a person who lights the path before you, one who Shows The Way

In short a Way Show-er provides much-needed perspective. No person or situation is an isolated phenomenon. Everything is connected. 

So WELCOME to my digital world (: 

 I have journeyed the spiritual and personal development path for many years now, and was blessed to have grown up on a large country farm in a remote community, connecting with country and the cycles of life enabled me to understand at an early age that there simply is so much more to life and that all life, in fact all of creation is connected. I've done the usual things throughout my life, married (& divorced), children, many varied vocations, successful businesses (and some not so). Times of deep depression, loss, grief, pain and emptiness. Redemption, miracles, love, laughter, joy,  happiness and bliss!

Ah, it's been an awesome ride (:     


I provide for YOU an opportunity to re-examine YOUR path in life. To begin your journey on the pathway to peace, inner peace. Clients who work with me and experience my sessions come away satisfied and with an improved mindset in managing challenges and pursuing harmony and balance.

Utilising tools, like sound based spiritual practices and the energetic recipes for profound change that is mantrā and chant, we explore the way ahead together helping YOU to truly create a life abundant in all forms. Check out some of their experiences below and contact me to add yours (:



Last night I experienced my first (definitely not my last!) personal healing session with Ganga Dev ... with social distancing in place, it was an online healing, which I thought may affect the efficacy..this was not at all an issue, as I felt everything, just as if Ganga Dev had placed his hands physically on the relevant areas of my body.
A gentle yet effective session, I can only highly recommend this, if you are considering a healing.

Kathryn - Adelaide

Having had coaching sessions with GangaDev I wish to say that his continual passion for helping, guiding and nurturing you, your body and your soul back into balance and running with ease & grace is truly remarkable. His total lack of judgement, his loving and caring dedication for my journey back to wellbeing was a wonderful experience. Thank you I am truly grateful.

Jacqui - Sydney.

Learning chanting was something I've been pondering for a while now. With Ganga Dev as facilitator this journey has been awesome, the sacred space he creates and the warmth and compassion he brings into each session along with the notes and explanations have enabled me to move forward and continue my practice every day. Thank you Gangadev Namaste.

John - Adelaide

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