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How one small decision or choice can turn your life around

The true splendour of the universe is reflected to us as a mirror of the beauty within.

When we "reflect" upon a situation that we are involved in, which is viewed from our state of consciousness as either "positive" or "negative", then the nature and opportunity to ponder and see our lesson or karma in that situation, gives us, in this moment of awareness, an opportunity to REMEMBER this and who we truly are.

By making the choice to recognise that all life is a reflection of our internal world and we are able for a brief period of awareness, to breath in the beauty that surrounds us everywhere in every way, we can pause in that moment and truly begin to appreciate that this too must also lie within us.

Decision points or Choice points as I like to call them are the times we are given to put into practice the knowledge and the wisdom of our lives thus far. We can either choose to view a situation and respond in either a high vibrational or low vibrational manner. Looking, as it were, through the rose coloured glasses of our own unique view of the world and the greater universe.

If we do not like in life that which is being reflected to us, then ironically this is the universe saying to us, showing us, that this is within us and the best way to change this outward experience is to change our own inner dialogue and begin to create the life we wish to see reflected to us. Creating our Lives on Purpose as it were...

Gandhi stated "be the change you wish to see in the world"

So, take time to stop and smell the roses, or the daisies or the daffodils or the stink weed or whatever it is and appreciate the beauty and uniqueness before you. Breath and give thanks and deep gratitude to this bounty, there really is beauty everywhere. Individually and internally we only need to recognise this.

View your world as a two-way mirror. Everything experienced is an experience of the truth of who you are. The more we recognise this outwardly the more we awaken to this truth within. The more we awaken to this truth within the mores beauty we see reflected back at us. So one small decision or choice, (to view life from a "reflective perspective") can turn your life around.


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