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Truth be Known?

Updated: Jan 9, 2022


So you want to change your life completely, quickly and with the least amount of pain and effort as possible right?. You are not happy with who you perceive yourself to be, and you're not achieving the results YOU desire? In actuality, you already have all of the answers! All the answers to be able to create the life of your dreams.

Question is why haven't you? I know, you have tried to turn your life around, to find purpose, to discover the reason why you are here, the "who am I why am I here" question. Or there are perhaps a limitless range of excuses and legitimate reasons you have not been able to turn your life around already, why you constantly seem to sabotage yourself just when things are beginning to appear brighter, happier or more abundant. Or the old faithful "it'll all be different when I have, blah blah XYZ"

Ask, do you really want to CHANGE?

That's right...Do YOU REALLY WANT TOO?

Why change your life?

Ponder this?

Ask the question! Write down the answers and be totally, truthfully, brutally, honest! Write the reasons why you would want to change, how you know the change has happened. Write down how this feels to have changed your life into the life that you wish to create! Write down what will happen if you stay the same, (have no shame blame or guilt around these answers), how will you know that your life hasn't changed, how does this really feel? What will your life actually look like to not have changed? TRUTH BE KNOWN? There is a simple answer!


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